Needle Felt a FaceBJ01-Needle Felt a Face
Barbara Johnson
Sunday AM

Make an interesting needle-felted fantasy face using a wide selection of vibrantly dyed wool roving and locks. The resulting piece will be reminiscent of a green man or wizard.

Class Fee: $20 Includes Dyed wool roving, dyed curly locks, use of felting needles and foam pad.
Level: Beginner
Bead a Bunch of BerriesCA21-Bead a Bunch of Berries
Charlene Abrams
Sunday AM

Cute little beaded beads using two colours of size 6 seed beads look like little round berries. Use size 8 seed beads if you prefer more petite beaded beads - or make some larger and some smaller.

These are like popcorn - you won't be able to stop at just one because they're just too much fun. Make one, make a dozen and string them with accent beads onto narrow cording which you will learn how to knot to make an adjustable-length necklace.

Beading mats, scissors and thread conditioners available for use during class.

Class Fee: $40 Includes Photo-illustrated step-by-step instructions, all beads, needles and thread to make at least twelve beaded beads, and narrow cord on which to string them. Choice of colours.
Level: All - Some seed bead weaving experience preferred but suitable for most - the only requirement is that you are able to see the beads (they're small!) and thread your own needle (the holes are small too).
Equipment: Glasses for close-up work if needed. Task lamp if desired.
Woven Loom BloomsJM01-Woven Loom Blooms
John Mullarkey
Sunday AM

Weave a veritable bouquet of blooms to accent your next bag or scarf. Who knew woven squares on pin looms could produce such floral beauty? Zoom Looms will be provided.

Class Fee: $10 Includes Yarn for flowers. Looms to borrow.
Level: All
Equipment: Scissors, yarn needle.
On Beyond Kongo: Exploring More Advanced Braids on The KumidiscMH06-On Beyond Kongo: Exploring More Advanced Braids on The Kumidisc
Michael Hattori
Sunday AM

Yes, Virginia, there IS another braid besides Kongogumi!! Kongogumi is a great braid with many beautiful patterns, but there are so many other possibilities on the disc: spiral braids, rectangular braids, square braids, even flat braids, and many of them can be adapted to use beads as well, although we will not be going that direction in this class.

If you are interested in exploring these more advanced structures, then this class is for you! You do, however, need to have a solid grasp of basic disc braiding, as this is not a class for beginners; we will be moving on from 8 strands, to 12, 16, even 24 strands, with longer, more complicated braiding sequences. So bring your thinking caps!

I will also demonstrate these braids on the marudai, so you can get a taste of how much more efficient it is than the disc

Class Fee: $20 Includes Instructions, cheerleading. I will have some cotton yarns available in case you run out or forget to bring your own.
Level: Advanced Beginner - You do need to have a solid grasp of basic disc braiding, as this is not a class for beginners
Equipment: Scissors, small tape measure, 6" disc with 32 slots (it must be a 6" disc - the small 3-4" discs used for beading will not work. I like the Hamanaka brand, available from or, at least 24 EZ bobs. For fiber, please bring at least 4 colors of a NON-stretchy material such as mercerized cotton knitting yarn (worsted or DK weight), or satin rattail, and at least 10 yards of each color. Again, it MUST be non-stretchy, or you will end up with really lumpy, ugly braids! Mercerized is important, too, as regular cotton yarns will begin to fray and pill very quickly. I will have a few discs on hand, but please do purchase one if you don't have one, or the one you have is worn out (slots will not hold well anymore).
Mending HelpPV08-Mending Help
Pat Vogler
Sunday AM

Sweet little sewing basket! Woven on a 4x9 predrilled handle for dowels to keep threads handy. Will also have time in class to make a pin cushion.

Class Fee: $20 Includes All materials to complete basket.
Level: Beginner
Equipment: Bucket, old towel, scissors, small straight tip screwdriver, pencil, snap clothespins, water spray bottle.