Class Listing

Date ID Class Name Teacher Subject
Saturday AMCA18LeafyCharlene AbramsBeading
Sunday AMCA21Bead a Bunch of BerriesCharlene AbramsBeading
Friday PMCA16FensterCharlene AbramsBeading
Saturday PMCA19Chunky Caterpillar BraceletCharlene AbramsBeading
Friday EveCA17Offset ChainCharlene AbramsBeading
Saturday EveCA20Daisy OrnamentCharlene AbramsBeading
Friday AMAA06Temari Part 2Ann AndersonMiscellaneous
Saturday AMAA09Cathedral WindowAnn AndersonSewing
Friday PMAA08Two-At-A-Time Toe Up SocksAnn AndersonKnit & Crochet
Saturday PMAA10Freezer Paper AppliqueAnn AndersonSewing
Thursday EveAA05Temari Part 1Ann AndersonMiscellaneous
Friday AMDC06Chair Caning Part 1Diana ClarkeBasketry
Saturday AMDC08Chair Caning Part 2Diana ClarkeBasketry
Friday PMDC03Pine needle basketDiana ClarkeBasketry
Saturday PMDC09Fibre Rush Seat WeavingDiana ClarkeBasketry
Friday EveDC07Burlap WreathDiana ClarkeMiscellaneous
Friday AMBE05Beginning EmbroideryBecky EdwardsSewing
Saturday AMMH01Kumihimo Candy CanesMichael HattoriBraiding
Friday AMMH04Origami BasicsMichael HattoriPaper
Sunday AMMH06On Beyond Kongo: Exploring More Advanced Braids on The KumidiscMichael HattoriBraiding
Friday PMMH03Origami BoxesMichael HattoriPaper
Saturday PMMH05Crochet SnowflakesMichael HattoriKnit & Crochet
Sunday AMBJ01Needle Felt a FaceBarbara JohnsonFelting
Friday AMBJ14Felt Dryer BallsBarbara JohnsonFelting
Saturday AMBJ15Felt a BowlBarbara JohnsonFelting
Friday PMBJ02Painting with WoolBarbara JohnsonFelting
Saturday PMBJ16Felted FlowersBarbara JohnsonFelting
Friday EveBJ13Felting Over SoapBarbara JohnsonFelting
Sunday AMJM01Woven Loom BloomsJohn MullarkeyWeaving
Friday AMFS17Engraved Glass PendantsFrank SulzeGlass Work
Saturday AMFS20Mosaic PendantsFrank SulzeGlass Work
Friday PMFS18Mosaic Yard LightFrank SulzeGlass Work
Saturday PMFS21Lead OverlayFrank SulzeGlass Work
Saturday EveFS11Fun with alcohol inksFrank SulzeGlass Work
Thursday EveFS16Fused Christmas OrnamentsFrank SulzeGlass Work
Friday EveFS19Fused Glass Yard StakesFrank SulzeGlass Work
Friday AMKT02Toothbrush Table Runner or RugKathryn TuckerBraiding
Saturday AMKT05Toothbrush PurseKathryn TuckerBraiding
Friday PMKT03Penny RugKathryn TuckerSewing
Saturday PMKT04Penny Rug (Duplicate)Kathryn TuckerSewing
Thursday EveKT01Twined Rag RugKathryn TuckerBraiding
Sunday AMPV08Mending HelpPat VoglerBasketry
Friday AllPV06Old Salem Mini MuffinPat VoglerBasketry
Saturday AllPV07Hexagon Peck BasketPat VoglerBasketry
Thursday EvePV05Cherry TotePat VoglerBasketry
Saturday EvePV17Hexagon Peck Basket (Cont)Pat VoglerBasketry