Class Grid

Teacher Thur Eve Friday Saturday Sun AM
Ann AndersonAA05-Temari Part 1AA06-Temari Part 2AA07-Double KnittingAA03-Hand PiecingAA04-Hand Quilting
Barbara JohnsonBJ08-Hooked and Prodded FlowersBJ09-PapermakingBJ10-Papermaking (Duplicate)BJ11-Rug HookingBJ12-Rug Hooking (Duplicate)BJ02-Painting with Wool
Charlene AbramsCA09-Tattoo LariatCA10-Introduction to Beaded KumihimoCA11-Beaded Kumihimo - Next StepsCA12-Rings!CA07-Euro-Style Beaded BeadsCA13-Victorian LariatCA14-Peyote Stitch Pendant and EarringsCA15-Peyote Bezeled Cabochon
Diana ClarkeDC06-Chair Caning Part 1DC03-Pine needle basketDC07-Burlap WreathDC08-Chair Caning Part 2DC09-Fibre Rush Seat Weaving
Frank SulzeFS01-Wine Bottle Wind ChimesFS09-Fused Glass PendantsFS10-Glass CameosFS11-Fun with alcohol inksFS12-Fused Glass PaperweightFS13-Mosaic CrossFS14-Fun with alcohol inks (Duplicate)FS15-Airplane Kaleidoscope
John MullarkeyJM01-Woven Loom BloomsJM02-Ply-Split Braided Scarf
Kathryn TuckerKT01-Twined Rag RugKT02-Toothbrush Table Runner or RugKT03-Penny RugKT05-Toothbrush PurseKT04-Penny Rug (Duplicate)
Michael HattoriMH01-Kumihimo Candy CanesMH02-Braids into Flowers!MH03-Origami Boxes
Pat VoglerPV01-Christmas StampsPV02-Harvest Tote BasketPV03-Bag KeeperPV04-Seagrass Wine Tote
Tracey ZinckTZ07-French Milled SoapTZ01-Crock Pot SoapTZ08-French Milled Soap (Duplicate)TZ03-Crock Pot Soap (Duplicate)TZ09-Introduction to Fermented FoodsTZ10-French Milled Soap (Duplicate)