Ann AndersonAnn Anderson
Dixon, MO
I have been quilting since 1981, and teaching quilting since 1984. I am a former quilt shop owner who learned that owning a business was not nearly as much fun as teaching. So, I have concentrated on teaching. I moved to Missouri in 1999, and became an Independent Quilting Instructor.

Christie BrownChristie Brown
Odessa, MO
Christie has been attending Shannondale Craft Camp for many many years. She was asked to try her hand at spreading some crafting lore. We welcome her as one of our instructors.

Darlene BullingerDarlene Bullinger
Jackson, MO
Darlene Bullinger lives near Jackson, Missouri with her husband, Joe. They have two children and are enjoying being grandparents. Even as a child, art, crafts, and projects were a big part of Darlene's life. She now enjoys copper foiling; needle felting; gourd crafting; and "makin' somthin' out of nothin," however, several years ago, when she was introduced to Ukrainian Egg Decorating, A.K.A., Pysanky, it stole her heart! Although she still enjoys many different types of crafts, and learning new skills, at this point in her life, Ukrainian Egg Decorating is one of her favorite things to do.

Diana ClarkeDiana Clarke
Glasgow, MO
I have enjoyed doing chair caning since 1976. My husband and I moved to Missouri from Pennsylvania in 1991. In 1998 I opened Sit-A While Seat Weaving as a part time business. I attend about 10 heritage festivals and 2 school days a year to demonstrate my craft. I have been teaching classes and taking classes at both Shannondale Craft Camp and Christianson Native Craft Workshop for 6 years.

Becky EdwardsBecky Edwards
Kirkwood, MO
As a child, my parents' store in Quito, Ecuador had weavers on staff who demonstrated tapestry making to visitors. I loved watching them work, figuring out how the complex patterns were made and climbing all over the large floor loom when it wasn't in use. Crafts were my very favorite thing to do - I loved learning how things were made and giving it a try myself - and in my world handmade things were always the best things. As an adult, I continue to try making everything! I've had the opportunity to mold glass, throw clay, weave baskets, create soap, carve wood, knot lace, fold paper and more. Textiles, though, are always the media to which I return, particularly wool. With wool, I knit, crochet, weave, and sew, allowing me to experience the meditative effects of hand work while making beautiful things.

Michael Hattori
Pacific Grove, CA
Kumihimo has been in and out of my life for nearly 40 years (since 1979, yikes!) but "in" seriously for the last 16. I first learned in Japan at the famous Domyo school where I studied for almost a year, and even had a braid win a prize for excellence in technique and color design (I was shocked). In 2000, I was introduced to Makiko Tada and Rodrick Owen and my "serious" kumihimo journey began. I now am fluent in the four main types of kumihimo braiding: marudai, takadai, kakudai, and ayatakedai and teach all four as well. The karakumidai is a work in progress, but plan to have that under my belt over the next few years. Since around 2007 I have spent a great deal of time reconstructing historical braids that date back as far as the 10th century, including some of the most complex kumihimo structures every made. This has been a very exciting journey and has spurred me to want to write a comprehensive history of kumihimo - a pipe dream, perhaps, but I've started my research, so pehaps it will come to fruition someday! Wish me luck!

Barbara JohnsonBarbara Johnson
Rolla, MO
Barbara has been teaching craft classes for nearly 30 years. In addition to teaching in her home studio and at various venues around the state of Missouri, she is very active with Shannondale Craft Camp (having served as founder and director for 12 years) and with the Christianson Native Crafts Workshop. She is interested in felting, lacework, knitting, crocheting, basketry, papermaking, weaving, pottery, spinning, rug hooking, print making in more. Barbara recently studied feltmaking in Shetland, Scotland with the renowned instructor Fiona Duthie.

Frank Sulze
Rolla, MO
37 years experience in stained glass design and fabrication. Owner of a full service stained glass retail store offering custom design; large selection of stained glass and supplies; classes in stained glass, beadmaking and fused glass; and repairs.
Kathryn TuckerKathryn Tucker
Ellsinere, MO
Kathryn is retired, and lives on a farm with her husband Wayne. They raise beef cattle, have 2 Border Collies and 2 cats. One daughter, Janelle, son-in-law Tom and 3 grandchildren. Kathryn found, after taking a class at Midwest Weavers Conference with Bobbie Irwin, primitive rag rugs are her real love. She makes twined rugs and toothbrush rugs as well as penny rugs. She teaches at the Christianson Native Craft Workshop and is often found demonstrating at festivals.

Pat Vogler
Warrenton, MO
Pat's love for basket weaving began in 1999 when she was convinced to take a class at the local community college. She collected antique baskets for years and her family thought she should make her own. In 2004 she opened her shop, Bittersweet Baskets, on her property where she teaches and sells supplies. In 2007 she and her husband John started making ash bases and in 2013 she purchased Homestead Heirlooms, a leather handle making company. So now they feature basket weaving supplies plus all your leather handle needs.
Tracey Zinck
Glasgow, MO
I've always enjoyed Arts & Crafts, learning new skills, making things that are both beautiful and functional. The day I learned how to make soap, however, changed my life... I was hooked.